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Welcome to the Beyond the Charts website! I'm the owner, David James.

Beyond the Charts is for a mix of niche markets such as Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Horror, Suspense, and other stuff) and Harder Edge music (Industrial, Goth, Techno, and other stuff) in the form of Books, Movies (DVD and Blu-Ray), Music (CD and Video), Comicbooks, Games, and other related items.

The goal is to have an online store that provides these items as well as be sort of a good central hub for other creators of items or exclusive sellers to hop on board, with an ultimate goal of a limited chain of physical store locations. When this is executed properly, with all Affiliate rights for everyone intact, as it grows it can become in essence like an online 24 hour Con that never ends with select areas where you can shop locally.

A part of Beyond the Charts that will be an additional focus going hand in hand with the online store is the business and marketing end.

I have talked with many smaller and more independent artists that essentially feel they have no hope to "make it" going against the "bigger" people out there and feel that they aren't making the money that they should be making. Some of these people either wind up giving up and doing other things, or just move from project to project never really making any money but staying "in the scene" because of their great interest with all going on and the shear tenacity to hope that maybe one day they will "break out" big time even as they don't quit their "day job".

I've also talked with the "bigger" people who have been hurting from the economy and how sales have dropped dramatically for them and they are hurting too. It may be a different kind of "hurt" than the smaller artists feels, but it's there nevertheless.

As such, the business and marketing end is available for anyone that seeks to boost their sales both in this economy as well as in any future economy that gets better than it is now. The initial product is a Marketing Book called "GRO$$ OUT!! – Effective Marketing For Getting Your Next $144,000" with plans for other items and events in the near future. Keep checking in every so often on the blog for updates, and feel free to subscribe to the blog while you're there.

We also have a $1.00 Comicbook Sale from now until whenever. Take advantage of it while it's available. It may or may not stick around.

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